“Amazing tech and moral support today in the nearly completed studio from Matt Smyth. It’s so reassuring spending time working with someone who genuinely cares about this stuff as much as I do. I’m so exhausted at this point but this studio is gonna be so worth it when it’s ready.” Paul Godfrey, Morcheeba

“Matt is not only a lovely guy but also a technical wizard! Generous with his time and energy, unscrupulously thorough, his programming in Ableton is unparalleled. A clear concise and insightful teacher, he has enabled us to utilise some great tools in Ableton. We highly recommend Matt for your programming needs” Holly Simpson, Wyles and Simpson

“Went for a complete rewire of the studio recently to get in some nice old hardware, I knew Adrian was the king of analogue so I asked him who could help me with task in hand, he recommended Matt so I gave him a call and he couldn’t have been more helpful. Always prepared to go the extra mile and get the job done. We had a quite a few teething problems (due to a faulty desk!) but after perseverance with a calm attitude, we soon had everything up and running. Really pleased with how it’s been set up. Matt was always there with suggestions of routing options to help get more creative with the set up which I found very helpful”

Graham Warnock – Serial Killaz UK

Serial Killaz RackSerial Killaz Desktop Adjusted

“Used your EQ at church this morning. Wow! What a difference! Kenny Stokes F/O/H Engineer, Riverside Church, Whitstable

“The Pro Tools Jedi” – Duncan Mackay, session musician


“Couldn’t think of a safer pair of hands for the job” – Steph Dickinson, Managing Director, Pie Factory Music