The Home Studio Doctor

My name is Matthew Smyth and I am a professional audio engineer with over 20 years of experience working in the music industry. I established The Home Studio Doctor in 2015 to provide professional musicians and keen amateurs with assistance in getting the very best from their recording equipment and acoustic environment.

With the demise of the old industry model, many musicians are now working from home but still are expected to provide the sound quality associated with professional studios. While today’s technology makes this possible, a high expectation is placed on composers and musicians to also keep up with the technological advances and techniques used by professional audio engineers. I aim to guide you through the technical minefield of managing a successful home studio facility.

Whether it’s help with software such as Pro Tools, Logic or Ableton, configuring analogue hardware or getting the best performance from your acoustic environment, I’m here to help. For more information on how the Home Studio Doctor can help you call or email me via the contacts page.

I read the manuals so you don’t have to!

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