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Gig Update…

Saturday 5th September I’ll be acompanying Skip ‘Little Axe McDonald and Bristolian Reagge Singer Dan Ratchett at the Muziekkiosk as part of the De Nacht Van De Kaap festival in Rotterdam, The Netherland. For More Details  

New track ‘Austerity is a Scam’

‘AUSTERITY IS A SCAM’ Fresh from the On U Sound studio’s featuring The Artist Taxi Driver -Written & produced by Matthew Smyth, Jennie Bellestar & Mark McGowan Featuring Skip McDonald special thanks to Adrian Sherwood for additional production mix. Fight the power… Copyright © Matthew Smyth 2015

Chamoisic Festival 08/08/15

  This weekend I performed at the Chamoisic Festival in Italy with the great guitarist, and friend, Skip McDonald. Chamois is an idyllic village way up in the Aosta region of the Alps in North Italy. We left late on Friday night and headed to Stansted Airport, calling in to visit George Clinton at the Read More …